Surgery at our hospital is performed during the week.  Patients are admitted the morning of their appointment and are kept overnight.  This is so they can be observed throughout the day and kept quiet.  Dr. Johnson will speak briefly to each pet owner when the pet is brought in so that any questions can be answered.

     We use a very safe gas anesthetic called Isoflurane that is also used in human hospitals.  All patients are monitored throughout surgery. Your pet will be screened for anesthetic tolerance before the surgery is started. This is done in our hospital before surgery.  These tests are accurate and give us valuable information pertaining to all areas of your pet's health status.  If we see any problems, the surgery will be postponed.

   Each surgery patient is treated with care.  Clean and sterile packs are used for individual operations.  Once the surgery is performed your pet will be transferred to our surgery ward where your pet will be monitored by our veterinary technician until the pet is awake and alert.  We always encourage our clients to call as often as they wish to check on the welfare of their pet.    

Pet Lodging
     Many people feel a sense of guilt when they leave their pets behind when taking a family vacation or for any other reason. Please feel assured that your pets are in good hands with us. While dogs and cats don't reason, they can and do read human body language. Your reluctance to part with your pet once he or she is brought in for boarding may cause your pet to pick up a negative signal. Most pets go willingly with our attendants once they know their owners have left. They are provided with a pen large enough for the size of the pet, fresh water and a warm towel or blanket for bedding. Dogs are walked three times a day in an area behind our building which is enclosed by a privacy fence.

 Our privacy fence was built to insure the utmost safety for your valued pet. Towels and blankets are washed and dried daily and any soiled bedding is replaced immediately. We also have a kitchen and the facilities to cook for your pet should the need occur. This generally consists of hamburger and rice or chicken and rice.

Our staff is always alert for pets who may not feel well or are not acting normal. Dr. Johnson will examine your pet and attend to any medical need that may arise.

Since we like for our clients to have boarding priority, we ask that you book reservations two weeks prior to a holiday.


Important questions to ask when you plan to leave your pet at a pet lodging facility.

As a pet owner, you have every right to ask as many questions as you feel you need to ask when leaving your pet in the hands of others while you are on vacation or need these services for any reason.

1. May I tour the facilities?
2. How many times will my pet be exercised and is there an additional cost for play time or treats given?
3. What kind of safety measures do you have to ensure my pet won't escape? Do you have a fenced in
area for walking dogs? Where are dogs walked and how often?
4. May I bring my pet's bedding, own diet, toys and treats?
5. Do you have holiday or Sunday release? If this is important to you and it's not offered, a facility that does offer this service should be recommended along with phone numbers and location.
6. What if my pet becomes sick? What measures are taken? Will I be contacted?
7. Will it cost me extra if my pet needs prescribed medication during his or her stay?
8. Is it okay to call periodically to check up on my pet while I am a way?
9. If my pet doesn't eat well, what do you provide to ensure he or she is getting a proper diet?
10.May I meet the staff taking care of my pet?